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Wind Chimes

About Windsong Chimes

Made in Bellingen since 1985 using top quality materials, these Australian Wind Chimes are hand tuned to a range of musical scales. The clear musical tones have a high degree of resonance and the quality finish make them visually very appealing. Aluminium piping is anodized or powder coated, timber is treated with vegetable oils and the water resistant nylon strings ensure that these chimes will withstand the outdoor elements and last many years. Each carries a 2 year guarantee.

How to choose your Wind Chimes

These chimes are a wonderful gift idea or you could just indulge yourself by choosing the one that appeals most to you by listening to the sound bites. You will notice that each Windsong Wind Chime is named to reflect its musical character. Minor scales, such as the Abbey Wind Chime is contemplative, Pentatonic scales such as the Malay Windsong Windchime, are tranquil whilst Major scales such as the Cathedral Wind Chime tend to be uplifting.

Wind Chimes can be placed indoors or outdoors in your gardn as long as there is a soft breeze to gently stir them. Whether it’s to bring positive energy into your space, to instil a calming meditative feel in your surroundings or to keep in touch with the subtle changes in your environment as your chimes gently move in the breeze, you will experience years of enjoyment with your chimes.