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The Sound of Windsong Wind Chimes


Using Wind Chimes as a garden ornament dates back to Ancient Roman Times when the melodious tinkling of the tubes, rods, bells or other objects was a symbol of good fortune and used as a charm to ward off evil spirits.

Today, wind chimes add ambience to our home and outdoor spaces and are renowned for their Feng Shui benefits in maximising the flow of Chi or life's energy.

Wind Chimes are made from a variety of different materials including wood, glass, bamboo, shell, stone and metal and the shape is not always limited to tubes or rods.  The shape and material of the wind chime will have a significant impact on the sound and tones a wind chime produces.

Aluminium is the metal used by Windsong Wind Chimes as it has a low internal damping and the tubes can be sized to produce tunable notes.  Aluminium wind chimes achieve the longest and loudest sounding chimes.

Precision tuning has seen wind chimes being classed as a percussion instrument and they are now used widely in modern music by artists and composers.

Listen to the Abbey Windsong Wind Chime which which has been tuned to capture the spiritual harmonies of Georgian chants sung by monks and nuns in the European middle ages. The vibrations of the large pipes in minor scale are tranquil yet uplifting, devotional and calming.