Caring for your Wooden Bowls

23rd Oct 2014

Don't we all possess at least one beautiful wooden bowl? I have several, including one that has traveled a long way with me. It was made by a Zimbabwean woodcarver and he has carved a decorative frieze of trees and rhino's around it. A well turned bowl is a thing of beauty and if you give it a little care from time to time, it will attain a lustrous patina over time and remain an object of functionality and beauty for generations.

Wooden bowls have been around for thousands of years. Excavators and references in Greek and Roman literature date bowls back to the 6th century BC. I found a great link if you are interested in the history of lathes and turning on

A good Woodturner will accentuate the natural beauty of the piece he is working with and the finished proportions of the bowl should add to it's appeal. Good wood turners have a style of their own and an appreciation of aesthetics so do look out for those special pieces. If you are buying a bowl that is going to be used for food, ensure that it has been treated with a food safe finish. After use, rinse off and dry and give it an occasional oiling with a vegetable oil, orange oil or grape seed oil. 

  Wood is a very tactile medium and you want to invite people to touch it. 

 A collection of unusual seed pods and feathers.

Get creative with your bowls by dislaying fruit, feathers, shells or found objects in them. Some bowls don't need embellishment, the form and wood will do the talking and you don't want to detract from that.

 A beautifully proportioned hand turned wooden bowl makes a great Australian gift.

I hope I have been able to elevate your wooden bowl to a status higher than that of a simple serving dish. It definitely needs to be viewed as "a thing of beauty and a joy forever".

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